Want to experience high-quality services and fantastic customer care for your auto needs? Mobile Mechanic Vancouver is the best to call!

Mobile Mechanic Vancouver offers affordable rates in exchange for high-quality services. We provide different auto repair services around-the-clock. We are unb...

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We understand how stressful having your car broken can be. Worry no more, Mobile Mechanic Vancouver will make it easier for you!

We are proud we’ve got the best mechanics and top quality tools for your auto needs. We are equipped with highly-trained and efficient staff to attend to your concerns...

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Stranded somewhere in Vancouver due to malfunctioning breaks? Let the Mobile Mechanic Vancouver help you.

We have skilled and experienced mechanics that we can send to your location right away. We've been in the business for years now and we can proudly say that we are a home of satisfied custom...

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Looking for skilled and trusted mechanics for your radiator repair? Mobile Mechanic Vancouver is the best to call.

Mobile Mechanic Vancouver is a home of satisfaction for years now and we can proudly say that we have the best and certified mechanics that can check and repair your vehicle. We val...

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Stuck somewhere in Vancouver with a locked vehicle? Call us right away at Mobile Mechanics Vancouver!

We have a team of experienced and certified lockout technicians that we can send to your location right away. We will make sure that you will have your vehicle unlocked and can go back in the r...

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Planning on car shopping? Let the expert and trusted mechanics of Mobile Mechanic Vancouver accompany you!

Mobile Mechanics Vancouver not only offers automotive repair services, we also do pre-purchase inspection service. We have the experts in car engine mechanics that can accompany you to be s...

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a month ago
I had a broken hood latch and a flat dead battery on my work vehicle this Monday morning, and I couldn’t find anyone to come out and service me on location. Every person I called, including Ford, told me to get it towed to a shop for next day repair. I called these guys and they had the job done on the spot within 4 hours of calling, paid and done. My hood latch is working again and they jumped my battery so I can drive to get a replacement. No pushy sales or anything, just great help and advice. Lewis was the service technician who came out to help when another member was caught up in a longer than anticipated job. He had it fixed quickly, kept me updated by text and call as he was getting through his day, and was friendly and knowledgeable. Very inexpensive compared to a tow and shop hours/parts, etc. They told me the minimum charge before I booked them and that’s what I was charged. Very honest and reliable mechanic from my experience, which is hard to come by! Thanks again gu...
- Landon H
a month ago
Excellent service my truck died in the middle of the road during the night and I called these Vancouver Mobile mechanics they responded there and there and without much time wasted they found the problem which happen to be very big to me but to them it was an easy fix. They replaced my fuel pump instantly. I will give you all 5 stars.
- Nicole W
a month ago
My stater motor gave in and needed a replacement and had to call a couple of guys around and everyone seems busy when I called Vancouver mobile mechanic in no time they showed up and replaced my stater motor within 2hrs that was awesome I will always use them.
- Thomas W

About us


If you’re searching for “mobile mechanic near me” in Vancouver look no further! For the lowest cost Mobile Mechanic Vancouver will get your car running as fast as possible! By using our services, you will save money on towing costs since you don’t need that with us! We come to you! We also charge less than auto shops who have more overhead expenses, which means they need to raise their prices.    

You can enjoy the convenience plus saving money when one of our professional mechanics come to you – wherever you are.  We love and appreciate your repeat and referral business and we know that by having a great experience with us is the only way to earn that. So, if your friends or family need an oil change on the fly, a brake check, or whatever else they need please tell them about your great experience with Mobile Mechanic Vancouver.  

Our clients never have to wait in a mechanic’s shop waiting room!  whether you are at home, at work, or parked on the side of the road, we come to you! We also get the job done right so you can resume driving asap. 

Complete customer satisfaction is our main goal. We want to make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly and more importantly - safely. Our mobile mechanics have the experience, knowledge, and tools to do most types of car repairs. We repair many different models and types of cars or vehicles, just ask us!   

Generally, we do auto repairs and maintenance in a safe location wherever your car has broken down or is parked. If your car is in the Vancouver area, we will come to your exact location to repair it.  Imagine you had car trouble on your way to work – wouldn’t it be super convenient and stress-free to have it fixed all while you are at work? And for less cost!       

Our auto repair shop on wheels turns a parking lot or your garage or carport into our service garage.  

 A few of our auto repairs include:   

– Tune ups 
– Oil and oil filter 
– Brakes- Pads/Rotors/Drums 
– Air filter 
– A/C repairs 
– Fuel Pumps 
– Preventative maintenance 
– Fuel Filters; in line or in the gas tank 
– Cooling Systems and Radiator repair 
– Alternator 
– Water Pump 
– Starters / Solenoids 
– Electric Window Motor repair 
– Computer Diagnostics 
– Suspension – Shocks and Struts 
– Gaskets, Belts, Hoses 
– Timing Belts 
– Headlight / Taillight replacement 

When scheduled in advance, Mobile Mechanic Vancouver can do more intricate repairs or projects.    We only fix only what needs to be fixed and make recommendations of any additional preventative maintenance on anything we see may become a problem shortly.       

Some of our most in-demand mobile mechanic services at a glance!   

Mobile Car Inspection and How It Works

You know it’s best to have an experienced mechanic do a car inspection before you purchase that car you have had your eye on.    

How it works: 
Contact the seller of the vehicle. Tell them you will make the purchase after a mobile used vehicle inspection is performed. Provide us your contact details, the seller’s contact details plus the location of the used car.  

We will schedule a comprehensive vehicle inspection with both you and the seller. We take credit card payment over the phone or in person. After the inspection, we give you the detailed vehicle inspection report and an estimate of any required repairs.    

Our Used Car Inspection Includes: 
A road test, wheels-off inspection of brakes, cabin systems check steering and suspension, under-hood inspection for electrical, mechanical and fluids issues, thorough inspection of all vehicle systems, covering up to 110 points depending on the vehicle.   

Expect the inspection to take between 1 to 1.5 hours. We’ll document all we can in that time if the vehicle is in very poor condition, and we will highlight the most important issues. We will recommend further diagnostic as needed if we believe engine performance is compromised and if it’s worth paying for. We will deliver a detailed written report and an estimate for the required repairs.     

Vehicle Diagnostic Service:
We listen to your concerns or answer your questions and we carefully inspect your car and check the relevant systems to isolate the problem during our diagnostic service. We can usually make reference to manufacturers’ technical manuals and we also bring computer diagnostic equipment. We’ll have a good assessment of which vehicle systems and components are at fault all within one hour. 

How it works:
1. We listen to you and your car to get a good idea of where to start
2. We check all the basics and eliminate vehicle systems
3. We isolate the vehicle system(s) that are at fault
4. We work through the specific vehicle system to confirm which component is at fault    

If the diagnostic takes more than 1 hour: 
Complex systems and intermittent problems can confound even our experienced technicians– At the end of the hour, the technician will present his findings and a repair plan– If the suspected components are expensive, we may ask for further diagnostic time– Or we may recommend replacing some inexpensive suspect components before proceeding any further    

What if it takes less than 1 hour: 
Our mechanics have years of experience and often they’ll spot a fault right away by knowing where to look – we’ll always be thorough and check the basics but we could finish before the hour.    

Even if we have to order in some parts and come back this is the most convenient way to resolve your issue. You’ll get to talk directly to the technician to learn about your car and come up with the repair plan; our service team will follow up with a quote on any repairs needed.   

Oil Change Service in Vancouver:
 One of the most important vehicle maintenance service you can do is a regular oil change. Usually every 5000km to 10000km you should get an oil change. To get an oil change in Vancouver you can go to your dealership, an independent mechanic or a quick-lube.    

Reduce the cost and hassle of an oil change. Have Mobile Mechanic Vancouver come to you!  If you are searching for “oil change near me” in Vancouver, look no more – Mobile Mechanic Vancouver can change your oil at your house, at your office or wherever you are!     

We purchase our parts at these stores:

We service these Postal Codes:
V5H 3Z7 V5J V5J 1A1 V5J 5H4 V5K V5K 0A1 V5K 0A2 V5K 0A3 V5K 0A4 V5K 0A5 V5K 0A6 V5K 0A7 V5K 0A8 V5K 0B1 V5K 0B2 V5K 1A1 V5K 1A4 V5K 1A5 V5K 1A6 V5K 1A7 V5K 1A8 V5K 1A9 V5K 1B1 V5K 1B2 V5K 1B3 V5K 1B4 V5K 1B5 V5K 1B6 V5K 1B7 V5K 1B8 V5K 1B9 V5K 1C1 V5K 1C3 V5K 1C4 V5K 1C5 V5K 1C6 V5K 1C7 V5K 1C8 V5K 1C9 V5K 1E1 V5K 1E2 V5K 1E3 V5K 1E4 V5K 1E5 V5K 1E6 V5K 1E7 V5K 1E8 V5K 1E9 V5K 1G1 V5K 1G2 V5K 1G3 V5K 1G4 V5K 1G5 V5K 1G6 V5K 1G7 V5K 1G8 V5K 1G9 V5K 1H1 V5K 1H2 V5K 1H3 V5K 1H4 V5K 1H5 V5K 1H6 V5K 1H7 V5K 1H8 V5K 1H9 V5K 1J1 V5K 1J2 V5K 1J3 V5K 1J4 V5K 1J5 V5K 1J6 V5K 1J7 V5K 1J8 V5K 1J9 V5K 1K1 V5K 1K2 V5K 1K3 V5K 1K4 V5K 1K5 V5K 1K6 V5K 1K7 V5K 1K8 V5K 1K9 V5K 1L1 V5K 1L2 V5K 1L3 V5K 1L4 V5K 1L5 V5K 1L6 V5K 1L7 V5K 1L8 V5K 1L9 V5K 1M2 V5K 1M3 V5K 1M4 V5K 1M5 V5K 1M6 V5K 1M7 V5K 1M8 V5K 1M9 V5K 1N1 V5K 1N2 V5K 1N3 V5K 1N4 V5K 1N5 V5K 1N6 V5K 1N8 V5K 1N9 V5K 1P1 V5K 1P2 V5K 1P3 V5K 1P4 V5K 1P5 V5K 1P6 V5K 1P7 V5K 1P8 V5K 1P9 V5K 1R1 V5K 1R2 V5K 1R3 V5K 1R4 V5K 1R5 V5K 1R8 V5K 1R9 V5K 1S1 V5K 1S2 V5K 1S3 V5K 1S4 V5K 1S5 V5K 1S6 V5K 1S7 V5K 1S8 V5K 1S9 V5K 1T1 V5K 1T2 V5K 1T3 V5K 1T4 V5K 1T5 V5K 1T8 V5K 1T9 V5K 1V1 V5K 1V2 V5K 1V3 V5K 1V4 V5K 1V5 V5K 1V6 V5K 1V7 V5K 1V8 V5K 1V9 V5K 1W1 V5K 1W2 V5K 1W3 V5K 1W4 V5K 1W7 V5K 1W8 V5K 1W9 V5K 1X1 V5K 1X2 V5K 1X3 V5K 1X4 V5K 1X5 V5K 1X6 V5K 1X7 V5K 1X8 V5K 1X9 V5K 1Y3 V5K 1Y4 V5K 1Y5 V5K 1Y6 V5K 1Y7 V5K 1Y8 V5K 1Z1 V5K 1Z2 V5K 1Z3 V5K 1Z4 V5K 1Z5 V5K 1Z6 V5K 1Z8 V5K 1Z9 V5K 2A1 V5K 2A3 V5K 2A5 V5K 2A6 V5K 2A7 V5K 2A8 V5K 2A9 V5K 2B1 V5K 2B2 V5K 2B3 V5K 2B4 V5K 2B5 V5K 2B6 V5K 2B7 V5K 2B8 V5K 2B9 V5K 2C1 V5K 2C2 V5K 2C3 V5K 2C4

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